НЕОБХОДИМО программа питания и кулинарии

four people in a kitchen; one is spooninh powdered sugar; another is holding a wooden spoon coated in batter; a third is smiling at the camera while holding a hand beater; and the fourth is looking off to the side

NEED stands for Nutrition Education and Equity for individuals experiencing intellectual and/or developmental Disabilities.

This is a cooking and nutrition course series for people ages 15+ who experience an intellectual and developmental disability. 

Participants will:

  • learn new kitchen skills
  • set nutrition goals
  • prepare and share a healthy meal with the group every class.

Last year I enrolled S. in the NEED cooking class. He absolutely LOVED every single class. He already enjoyed helping in the kitchen, but after this class he actually did lots of things besides pouring and stirring. He cut lemons and limes in half using a sharp paring knife! He flipped grilled cheese sandwiches with a spatula, and then took them from the pan to the plate! He now knows how to use a whisk and hold the bowl when making scrambled eggs. He is not as afraid of hot pans or cookie sheets now. He uses the microwave with care also. He can do these BY HIMSELF, and is cautious and patient knowing they’re hot! 

The “icing on the cake” by S. taking the NEED cooking class is the confidence and joy he now has being in the kitchen, and the pride he has calling my attention to what he can do!!!