Assistant Manager Position: Used Goods

Assistant Manager Position: Used Goods

General Position Summary

The Assistant Manager plays a supportive role to the Used Goods Manager to fulfill all aspects of the day to day operations and by performing duties as assigned. This position will require flexibility to transition between both the Donation Center and the Thrift Store to serve the needs of the organization. A strong emphasis on monitoring, anticipating and prioritizing daily operations of the Donation Center and/or the Thrift Store; providing supervision, training and support of staff and volunteers on sight; ensuring that shoppers and donors receive excellent customer service. The Assistant Manager must also be comfortable with assuming additional responsibilities on occasion when Used Goods Manager is absent.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

  • Split Operations Schedule: Schedule will be split among two locations: The Thrift Arc Store and Donation Center
  • Operations and Site Maintenance: Enforce all policies and procedures and maintain operational standards
  • Safety Oversight: Directing safety concerns to manager, enforcing safety requirements and guidelines, ensuring a safe and clean environment
  • People Management: Motivate, train, coach and support staff/volunteers – communicate concerns with Used Goods Manager
  • Volunteer Involvement: Take an active role is receiving, training and supporting volunteers on site to ensure they have a productive and fulfilling day
  • Operational Requirements: Plan daily tasks for staff/volunteers and ensure goals are met
  • Financial Responsibility: Maintain accuracy of daily closeouts, back banks, and deposits
  • Point of Sales: Master and monitor POS system and train staff/volunteers on best cashiering practices
  • Pricing Policies: Research products to ensure correct pricing, maintain consistent pricing structures, execute clearance sales and keep products moving as directed
  • Marketing and Merchandising: In collaboration with Used Goods Manager, create and maintain in-store promotions, social media content and merchandising displays
  • Other job duties as assigned

Additional Job Requirements

  • Good supervisory judgement and decision-making skills
  • Strong leadership skills, calm demeanor and positive attitude
  • Determination to work as part of a team, support the team and lead the team by example
  • Excellent organizational and problem solving skills
  • Clean driving record and reliable transportation
  • Advanced oral and written communication
  • Proficient in Microsoft office: excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Volunteer management experience
  • Continued volunteer management training

Job Scope

The Assistant Manager’s job is considered part of the leadership team of the Used Goods Operation. The Assistant Manager performs daily duties semi-independently and with direction from the Used Goods Manager. Decisions are based on established guidelines, policies, and procedures. Errors in judgement may affect the integrity and the financial stability of the agency.

Supervisory Responsibility

The Assistant Manager supervises all staff and volunteers and delegate tasks at both site locations (Donation Center and Thrift Store).

Interpersonal Contacts

The Assistant Manager has internal and external contacts. Internal contacts consist of face-to-face interaction with staff and the public, either in person or by telephone. External contacts are with the public, other professionals and volunteer programs.

Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or directly relatable experience is preferred
  • High school diploma or GED at minimum
  • Minimum 2 years experience in a supervisor role
  • Minimum 2 years experience in retail
  • Knowledge/experience in used goods markets
  • Volunteer management or volunteering experience

Job Conditions

The Used Goods Operations is comprised of two locations located less than 2 miles apart: Donation Center and Thrift Store. Both locations are fast-paced environments that cater to the public. Varied workloads, change in location, frequent interruptions, and multiple projects are typical. Ability to frequently lift, move and/or load items over 50 pounds should be expected. Weekend work is required and occasional evenings.


This position requires working weekend and ability to transition between two work sites efficiently.

Benefits: Medical insurance, paid vacation and sick time.

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